• Row boats, rubber dinghies, and canoes are not allowed within the boundaries of the swimming area. 

  • All recreation powered watercraft operators must have a valid Canadian Pleasure Craft Operator Card.  Operators are governed under the Criminal Code of Canada. 

  • All recreation powered watercraft pulling water skiers or towing tubes/knee boards shall have a spotter. 

  • Power boats must not operate after dark without running lights.  All other watercraft shall carry a visible light. 

  • No power boats are allowed south of the boat launch area. 

  • Boats shall operate at reduced speed in the area of the docks.  Spraying of the dock is prohibited.  There is a No Wake Zone from the point to the dock area. 

  • The primary function of the boat docks are for the mooring of season campers' power boats.  Other members may use it on a space available basis. 

  • Dock Space. Those having a dock space shall maintain their space.   A waiting list shall be established and be managed by the Boating Safety Officer.  The Boat and Safety Officer shall wherever possible, accommodate those waiting.

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